When to use Kompas Consulting

  • The organisation has tackled the problem itself already but has not resolved it.
  • Expertise is needed to introduce new technology and or new techniques.
  • A conflict of views on future policy exists within the organisation and an independent and skilled assessment is needed.
  • A specialist sort of experience or expertise is required which does not exist within the organisation and the engagement of Kompas Consulting for a period can help determine the type of permanent staff to be required.
  • An appraisal of proposed changes is needed to confirm and/or amend the organisation's plans and help implement them. In the smaller organisation, there is a need to import a particular type of knowledge or expertise for a period to deal with such matters as technology upgrades.
  • Proven ability to manage and deploy large scale technology projects across many business units and divisions dealing with multiple stake holders.
  • Capacity to question, analyse, redesign and deploy financial and business reporting solutions.
  • Untangling the web of technologies between Finance, MIS and IT Departments.
  • Ability to identify and utilise appropriate technologies within the workplace.
  • End user report design and building using standard industry technologies.

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